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Shining light on something usually kept behind closed doors, fourteen womxn on two continents discuss the formation of their sexual identities and the complex realities that can unfold in different cultures and circumstances.

This idea came to me 3 years ago, in a spiteful effort to shock my professors with a pitch about female orgasms. Oh La La. After successfully pitching this idea I came to realize how the education system has failed us when it comes to understanding female sexuality; and that this issue went far beyond what I had to say. So I packed my bags and moved to Europe, in hopes to find the stereotyped self-expressive, completely comfortable, sexually liberated woman of my dreams, and was met with an even bigger surprise: Womxn everywhere are facing the same uncertainty and insecutiry about their sexual health and sexuality.

Featuring a stellar cast and the collaborative efforts of a terrific crew, FAKING IT weaves 14 absorbing stories and a variety of compelling womxn together, and begins to explore the issues womxn worldwide, face daily.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to watch my film, hear these women's stories, and educate yourself on something we all need a lesson or two (or twelve) in.  I'm really fucking proud to finally get this out online! and excited to hear what you have to say.



FAKING IT wouldn’t be the same without the hard work and execution of our talented cast and crew. On both side of the camera, my team included some of the industry’s up and coming best and brightest; people who are striving to find new ways to tell a story and make a change while doing so. These women were open and honest and taught me SO much in the process of making this film, and continue to now...learn more from them below...

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As a graduate of Humber's Film and Media Production Program and VIA's film, fashion, and transmedia exchange in Aarhus, Denmark; Mia uses this visual medium to open conversations for social change. With a camera in hand from her very first childhood memories, she has always been a filmmaker.

Mia Ines Isabella


From VHS home videos to the digital release of her first short documentary “Faking It” in the spring of 2019, Mia works in this medium to connect people in their everyday life, to her deeply stylized reality. She speaks from her own experience on "sensitive" topics, in a hope to not only desensitize them, but have viewers understand and enjoy the experience of an imperfect world...something that was hard to come by in the media she was exposed to in her young life.


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